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Products > LED Outdoor lighting > LED wall washer light > 36W outdoor projector lighting
Product name : 36W outdoor projector lighting
Product No. : 36W outdoor projector lighting
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1. USA Bridgelux LED chip or Epistar LEDs as light source
2. Waterproof LED driver, AC85~265V, or 24V
3. Emitting color: warm white, day white, cold white, RGB, red, green, blue, yellow, pink ect.
4. Material:aluminum lamp housing + tough glass
5. IP Rating:IP68
6. Wattage: 36W
7. Work temperature: 
-40°C- +55°C
8. Power supply cables: Brown, blue, GND
9. Length:1m


buildings, park, supermarket, bridge, and other places and other lighting decoration.



1. Use powerful integrated LED as the light source. Excellent heat conductivity, low luminous decay, uniform and pure light color and no glare;

2. The perfect combination of unique design of heat sink with electrical box efficiently conducts the heat and thereby reduce the body temperature, ensuring the long lifespan of light source and power supply;

3. The housing surface passed various treatments like anodic oxidation, compact solid structure. It has good capacity like anticorrosive, waterproofing and dust prevention;

4. Obvious power-saving efficiency. Compared with sodium lights, it can save electricity around 70%;

5. Environment friendly. Do not have lead, hydrargyrum and any other contamination. No pollution to the air;

6. Can presented the original colors of the objects. It has varies of colors to choose which can meet the requirement in different environments. It eliminates depressed feelings caused by low or high color temperature of triditional lights, making visual comfort and improving working efficiency;

7. Uses constant current and constant voltage control. With wide voltage (AC85-265V),it eliminates the grid and noise caused by the ballast and instable lighting, avoid eye irritation and fatigue;

8. Elegant apperarance and practical. With special surface treatment, different colors of surface are available, easy installation and dismount, suitable for various application fields.

Installation Remark:

1. Max 15pcs lamps in serie connection, or add power supply input cable if there has more than 15pcs in series.
2. DC24V LED lamp in serie connection max is 2pcs
3. If signal wire is more than 300 meters or more than 32pcs lamps, it should add signal repeter.

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